The Advantages of a Yard Drainage System

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If you notice stagnant water in your yard, especially when there hasn’t been much rain, then a drainage system may be right for you

Whether your yard is big or small, it is important to take care of it and the foundation of your house. When you need to ensure that excess water on your lawn drains properly, the best solution is to install a drainage system. Drainage systems are an essential component of landscaping and protecting your home, but it is often overlooked. Drainage systems consist of piping buried underneath your yard that diverts water away from your landscaping and into an area where it won’t cause any damage. If you notice puddles or stagnant water in your yard, especially when there hasn’t been much rain, then a drainage system may be right for you. Here are a few benefits of adding a drainage system to your home.

Prevents Standing Water

If you have stagnant water that pools in your yard, it can harm your grass, trees, and flowers. There is also the possibility for pest and insect manifestation, which can cause diseases and bacteria. Excess moisture is also a breeding ground for termites. In addition, soil erosion, dry patches, and puddles made your outdoor space look unattractive.

Prevents Water Damage

Improper drainage does not just damage your yard. It can also damage the foundation of your home. When a severe storm hits, water flows through the land much faster. Without proper drainage, this fast-moving water can force its way through cracks in your foundation. This damages the foundation of your house and causes the added problem of water in your basement. If stormwater is not diverted correctly or you experience other drainage problems, your foundation may become unstable.

Stops Soil Erosion 

During heavy rains, your soil is at risk of eroding. If the water is not properly diverted away from your yard, this will cause damage to your garden soil. When the soil is eroded, the plants are left with fewer nutrients and moisture. Also, an eroded yard will ruin the aesthetics of your landscape. A quality drainage system will divert water away from your landscape and foundation. In the end, you won’t have a lot of excess water in your yard. As a result, you won’t have to deal with soil erosion. If you don’t have a proper drainage system, then you can end up flooding your yard, and possibly your home.

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