The Causes Of Mold

The Causes Of Mold

Mold is a serious issue, so it’s important to know what causes it.

Mold is a really difficult problem in the home for a lot of people. Mold can cause breathing issues like asthma, lead to fatigue, loss of energy and headaches. There are a lot of reasons why mold persists in people’s homes and today we are going to talk about what causes it to grow.

What Does Mold Need To Grow?

Mold needs specific conditions to grow and flourish, but this doesn’t make it less uncommon. As you read through this list, think of areas in your home that may be breeding ground for mold. For it to grow, mold spores need to be present.  Mold spores are pretty small and they are small dots that come from decaying vegetation and soil. Mold needs a food source like wood, drywall or cotton and can only flourish in the darkness. Mold grows in warm, oxygenated areas where moisture abounds.

Moisture Is The Key

The difference between you having mold and not having mold is the difference between you having a moisture issue or not having a moisture issue. Humidity causes mold, especially on the East Coast we are victims of very humid weather during the summer, and that moisture can leech into your home especially after a lot of rain fall. Mold in your home can be a reoccurring issue if you live in a moisture rich area.

Household Mold Areas

There are a variety of things in your house that can cause mold. Leaking pipes are a common cause of mold growing. If you have pipes that you have been unattended to, it is likely they have mold. Condensation causes mold which can also be the cause of it growing on pipes.  Wet basements, flooding, and wet clothes laying about are also breeding ground for mold in your home. Poor ventilation in your home may be a secret culprit especially if you and your family have a cough you can’t shake. Poor ventilation creates pockets of moist air which is stagnant, allowing mold to thrive. Steam and humidity being released into the system, but not being properly circulated out could be your biggest culprit in the fight against mold.

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