The Dangers of Crawl Space Moisture

If you let moisture build up over time, then it can lead to several problems

It’s easy to overlook the crawl space beneath your house. But with just a little moisture accumulation there can be many unsavory issues lurking. The best course of action is to have your crawl space inspected and waterproofed. Otherwise, if you let moisture build up over time, then it can lead to several problems.

Attracting Pests

Where there is water, usually animals and insects follow. The last thing you want is to encourage an infestation under your home. A wet crawl space can become a breeding ground for pests, as well as a place for them to die. As disgusting as all that sounds, it’s even worse to think that these pests could easily find a way inside your house through weak spots in your crawl space. If your crawl space attracts termites, then you will have a much worse problem on your hands.

Weakening Foundation

Waterproofing your crawl space and basement area is so critical because of how water damage can affect your foundation. Over time excess moisture can reduce the structural integrity of your foundation through erosion. Damage happens much faster with temperature fluctuations as water freezes and expands to create cracks and then melts into those cracks to worsen the cycle.

Spreading Mold

Because moisture accumulation almost always leads to mold growth, your crawl space will likely become moldy very quickly. And mold easily spreads to other parts of your home. It can eat away at your subfloor, further compromising the structure of your house. And mold spores can drift into your house through small gaps in your crawl space and floors, running the air quality and making your home unhealthy.

Raising Bills

A water-damaged crawl space will not only let bad air in but it will give your house poor insulation. Once the air conditioning and heat starts escaping through your crawl space, then it won’t be long before your energy bills get higher.

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