The Importance of Maintaining Your Home’s Foundation

The Importance of Maintaining Your Home's Foundation all aspects waterproofing

A home’s structural foundation must be maintained correctly to protect the rest of the house.

When a house is initially built, the foundation is the first thing that is considered — it’s literally what any house is built upon. It becomes imperative that a home’s structural foundation is built effectively and efficiently to ensure you have something sturdy to build upon. In reality, your foundation will typically need to be evaluated as it is being constructed to ensure that it is safe to build on. Ultimately, there are a few key things that professionals look for when examining a home’s foundation, including the weight of your home which tends to fall into two specific categories: dead loads and live loads. Here are some essential things to keep in mind when it comes to precisely why maintaining your home’s foundation becomes incredibly important. 

Understanding Your Home’s Foundation

For the most part, your home’s foundation tends to be a large concrete slab, typically weighing around seven or eight tons. A home’s foundation can also be constructed of blocks or bricks as well. In reality, your home’s foundation doesn’t need to handle the dead loads — just the live loads. Ultimately, it needs to handle all the furniture you include in your home and all the movers that will be coming in and out of any new home. As a result, having your home’s foundation be as sturdy as possible is integral to the overall construction of your entire home so you can enjoy it properly for many years to come.

Potential Threats To Your Home’s Foundation

There are so many reasons why your home’s foundation might be threatened. Heavy winds are a very common issue homeowners face when it comes to their home’s foundation. Proper maintenance techniques can help your home’s foundation withstand heavy winds seamlessly. Ultimately, heavy winds can push your home’s overall frame, typically resulting in cracks in the foundation itself, leading to basement leaks and then eventually leading to potential mold and mildew down the line. Having protocols in place to keep your foundation well-maintained is essential to the overall structural integrity of your entire home. 

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