The Threat of Humidity in Your Basement

Humidity needs to be taken care of in the basement because it can lead to problems that spread to the rest of your home.

Humidity might seem like the norm in Maryland, which makes it easier to take for granted. However, letting humidity go unchecked can lead to big issues. In particular, humidity needs to be taken care of in the basement because it can lead to problems that spread to the rest of your home.

Mold & Mildew

Naturally, excess moisture will tend to attract mold. And basements are especially vulnerable because they have more dark places where mold likes to grow. The fact is that mold spores can be found anywhere in a house, but under moist conditions is when they can land and grow. With increased humidity in your basement, it won’t be long before mold and mildew start to spread, which increases the risk of it getting into other humid areas of your home, like your kitchen and bathroom.

Health Issues

Since our bodies are mostly made up of water, we can be sensitive to the humidity levels in the air. It makes sense that too low humidity can create discomfort, like scratchy throats, but high humidity can cause health issues as well. When the humidity is too high, it helps bacteria thrive, which means that illness like the cold and flu can spread more easily. In the same way, increased humidity can lead to dangerous types of mold that cause respiratory problems. If you want to have your humidity tested, then it should not exceed a level of fifty percent in your house.

Structural Damage

You might be surprised to find that even a little excess water can negatively impact the structure of your house. Moisture can soften the drywall and even start to warp the wooden beams inside your walls. And once mold and mildew take hold of it, your walls can be further weakened as the mold eats away at them. Even sturdier parts of your structure, like your foundation, can be affected by humidity. When water condenses, it can work its way into tiny cracks in your foundation and make the cracks spread as the water freezes and expands in winter. Avoid the cycle of destruction from humidity by talking to a professional about waterproofing your basement.

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