Use These Helpful Tips To Keep Your Basement Warm

As homeowners, we want our homes to be warm and comfortable in the winter. An excellent way to ensure this is by giving their homes inspections before winter comes. By doing so, you can provide maximum warmth during the winter months. We often focus on our homes’ second and third levels when keeping areas warm. However, you can make your home warmer by winterproofing your basement in the winter. Here are some helpful tips for doing so in the upcoming months. 

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Keep your basement warm this winter with these tips.

Make Sure That Your Basement Is Property Insulated

Insulation is critical in warming up areas of your home that are traditionally colder than other spaces. The most crucial step in keeping your basement warm is installing proper insulation. Keeping your basement consistently warm during the winter months is more challenging without an insulated basement. 

Look For Cracks & Other Damaged Areas In Your Basement

Tiny cracks in the foundation of your home are usually not an issue. However, the winter elements can cause water to penetrate the cracks in your basement, creating an unstable foundation. This is damaging because movement in your foundation can cause problems for the entire house and create cracks in the basement floor and walls. To combat this, you should ensure that the ground slopes away from your home so water won’t pool in your basement.

Recognize The Signs Of Mold And Mildew

The basement is a dark, damp area that can create the perfect environment for growing mold and mildew. If you ignore the signs, mold, and mildew can damage items such as your carpet, walls, furniture, or clothing. Although mold and mildew are nearly impossible to remove, Identifying the signs will help prevent them from occurring. As a result, your area retains warmth and dry protection.

Be Aware Of Water Leakage

Water can enter your area in many ways. It doesn’t matter if it is through the foundation, groundwater seeping through the walls, melted snow, or faulty plumbing. If you have a sump pump, the discharge line can freeze and cause water to back up and flood the basement. Basement water can also harm your electrical system, causing power outages and damaging household appliances. 

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