Why You Should Use Carbon Fiber to Repair Your Home’s Foundation

Carbon fibet is a sturdy and reliable way to repair your home's foundation

Carbon fiber is a sturdy and reliable way to repair your home’s foundation.

There are many possible issues that will cause your home’s foundation to need repairs, including lateral pressure from expanding soil that has caused bulges or even inward rotation. The usual solution was to use steel beams, but carbon fiber has become a much more cost effective and quicker way to solve the problem. Foundation repair is sturdy, reliable, and solid with carbon fiber.

Quick Installation

One of the top benefits of using carbon fiber is its quick installation. The area where the strip will be applied needs to be ground flat. At that point, high-strength epoxy is applied, and the carbon fiber strip is then embedded into it. Pressure is applied to complete the process as a steel bar angle is bolted to the top. In many cases, depending on the size of the project, the entire installation from start to finish can be completed in one day.

 High Strength

Carbon fiber is well-known for being an incredibly strong material. The industry that it’s most used is for commercial aircraft. This material is reliable and dependable as it will not break, and the fibers won’t stretch. It is a permanent solution in the aircraft industry and for sustainable, reliable home repair.

Low Visibility

Repairs made with carbon fiber aren’t going to leave distracting seams or marks where it’s applied. When installation has been completed, it leaves a small bump about a fraction of an inch thick, which can be easily painted over to blend in with the rest of the room. It won’t be noticeable at all, and a stud wall can be built over it in unfinished basements.

Zero Maintenance

Yes, that’s correct — carbon fiber repair requires zero maintenance or attention after it’s finished. It’s a solution that you can depend on to do its job.


At about half the cost of steel beams, carbon fiber is a low-cost option that is quite attractive for homeowners that are concerned about making wise investments.

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