What are Epoxy Injections?

If you have not heard of epoxy injections, then we have all the information you need to take care of your walls. Epoxy injections are very versatile and can help a lot of your home repair needs, but are specifically helpful towards your basement. Your basement may not always be seen, but it is a very important part of your home. It is smart to take care of your home starting with the foundation. At All Aspects Waterproofing, we are just one phone call away from fixing any basement damage. Let us first help you out by telling you about epoxy injections. 

Epoxy injections help fill in wall cracks

Epoxy injections help fill in wall cracks

What you need to know?

First and foremost, before you use them we want you to know what epoxy injections do. Epoxy injections are a method of fixing cracks in walls, and they can restore your wall to its normal strength before the cracks occur. That sounds effective, doesn’t it? Before we do the injecting, we determine what the cause of the crack is because if the cause is not found then the wall may easily crack again.

What Causes the Cracks?

Cracks are a common warning sign of structural damage in your home. Epoxy injections are an easy solution to filling these cracks. Here are the many causes of wall cracks appearing in your basement.

  • Incorrectly poured concrete
  • Improper backfilling during time of construction
  • Settlement of the foundation’s footing
  • Concrete Shrinkage
  • Exterior inward pressure

Benefits of Using Epoxy Injections

  • It is effective and cost-efficient
  • Ideal for void filling & hole filling
  • Restores the original strength of concrete surfaces
  • No exterior excavation is required
  • The treatment can be carried out quickly and easily

Now that you know more about epoxy injections please don’t hesitate to give us a call. All Aspects Waterproofing has all the information you need to keep up the foundation of your home.

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