What’s That Smell? Identifying Odors in Your Crawl Space

What's That Smell? Identifying Odors in Your Crawl Space  all aspects waterproofing

Have you smelled unpleasant scents coming from your crawl space?

Crawl space supports the living areas above it, providing a buffer between the house and the ground below. Well-insulated crawl spaces built with mold-resistant materials and proper ventilation prevent health risks. In addition, eliminating ground water and flooding with the appropriate waterproofing methods will keep foul odors from permeating this space. Have you smelled unpleasant scents coming from your crawl space? If so, here is a guide on troubleshooting the source of the odor(s) coming from your crawl space. 

Random Objects in the Crawl Space 

You can store certain items in this area. However, if you do, you want to ensure a clean, sealed, and odor-free environment before you start adding items to this condensed space. Particular items shouldn’t be in this area, such as paint cans, trash left behind by builders, and objects left by previous owners. 

Rodents and Rodent Waste

Commonly, and unfortunately, rodents end up in crawl spaces along with their droppings. The smell of a dead rodent can linger in the air for weeks. It’s best to keep your crawl space clear of decaying carcasses and rodent fecal matter for this reason alone. More importantly, you don’t want to jeopardize your and your family’s health. 


Mold grows because of moisture. When you see mold in a crawl space, it clues you to underlying moisture problems. Not every type of mold produces a smell. However, they can cause wooden structures or other organic materials to decay, creating a mildewy odor. 

In addition, if you store shoe boxes or other things in this area, you should inspect these items for mold, especially when the air feels humid or damp. If you do spot mold, call us. All Aspects Waterproofing is one of the leading companies specializing in mold remediation. We can identify whether your homes or commercial properties have mold contamination. Not removing mold leads to respiratory issues. 

Moisture and Humidity

Moisture is also the cause of humidity. High humidity commonly happens in unsealed crawl spaces. However, it can also be present in areas with a sealed floor or concrete slab. 

A smooth concrete surface can appear clean and dry. However, when contractors pour concrete slabs, moisture becomes trapped in the slab as it dries. Eventually, this water vapor can make its way back up through the concrete slab, entering your crawl space because of a pressure difference. Bacteria can form in areas where water vapor accumulates and cause an odor. Also, mold can develop if the vapor latches onto anything, such as fiberglass insulation, creating bad smells. 

Unsealed Floors/Exposed Dirt

The exposed dirt associated with an unsealed floor can be the source of the stench you smell. Soils are full of organic materials that eventually decompose. This decay can emit odors and even produce radon, an odorless, toxic gas. Also, moisture within the soil can spread upwards, causing a crawl space to dampen. Water and moisture can increase the decay of organic materials, thus causing this issue to persist. 


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