Where Mold Grows in Winter

Too many people assume that mold in your house is something you only need to worry about in the warm summer months. This could be a big mistake. While it is true that mold is especially fond of the humid Maryland air in summer, there are still some locations in your home where mold grows even in the middle of winter. Just because you haven’t seen mold in your home doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Here are some locations in your home where mold grows in winter.

Where Mold Grows in Winter

Mold can be trickier to spot in the winter. Here are some places to look.

Heating Vents

Even if the humidity inside your home is low, this can create the perfect environment for mold to form under certain circumstances. Condensation forms when a hot object comes in contact with a cold one. Your heating vents could lead to condensation in the cold ambient temperature of your home, and this can lead to the growth of mold.

If you’re wondering where mold grows in winter, your heating vents are one of the first places to look.


By the same token, windows provide the perfect opportunity for condensation to form in the winter. It might form on the inside of your windows as the warmth from inside comes against the cold air just beyond the glass. To control window condensation and reduce the risk of mold, commercial dehumidifiers are a go-to-choice.

Your Bathroom

As we mentioned earlier, mold tends not to thrive very much in low humidity. But there is one room in your house that tends to experience significantly high humidity, even in the winter: your bathroom. If you’re fond of long, hot showers, a ton of steam will distribute itself throughout the air, fogging up your mirrors and leading to the growth of mold.

To minimize the risk of mold growing in your bathroom, use the fan or consider opening a window during and for a while after your shower.


Finally, another place where mold grows in winter is your water-using appliances. At any time of year, certain appliances are likely to stay moist enough for mold to grow. Among these appliances, front-loading washing machines are probably the biggest culprit. When not in use, leave the door open a crack so that moisture can escape.

Additionally, you should look in and around your sink for mold growth. Take a careful look under the sink where the pipes are. Even a minor leak in a pipe that you might have noticed can create the perfect environment for mold to thrive in the middle of winter.

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