Why Monitoring Home Air Quality is Important

Always make sure that your air filters are changed and up to date.

Many people don’t realize that indoor air can be just as unhealthy as the outdoor air. So that’s why it’s important to monitor and address the air quality in your home. Especially if you live with elderly people or babies, or anyone else with sensitive lungs. There are a few reasons why the air quality in your home is important.


There are several pollutants in the air. The air that we breathe is made up of oxygen, nitrogen and a few other gases, but it can also be dominated by unhealthy substances. These include mold spores and dust or can get as bad as dangerous carbon monoxide. Monitoring your home’s hair quality will make sure that you and your household are healthy and safe.


There are a few ways that you can test the air quality in your home. You can call in a professional to test your house for mold. You can also invest in an air filter/tester thing that will let you know if you have unhealthy levels of pollutants in your home. Always make sure that your air filters are changed and up to date.

Long term

Sometimes there are more serious issues underlying the air quality problems in your home. This could be water damage or mold that will need to be fixed by a professional. The reason for monitoring your air quality means you can spot other problems in your house before they become extreme or severe.

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